Her Wild Love is a Brussels Intimate // Lo-fi rock duo formed by the fashion designer Sarah de Saint Hubert and by the multi-instrumentalist and guitar maker Rafael Van Mulders (@juginstruments)


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Since 2006, they share their wild love for music, passionately seeking to give a sound to their distinctive sensitivities.
Their music is like a catalyser, fueling and empowering all their passions, intuitions and visions.


Dressed up in a romantic stage name, Her Wild Love can hardly hide its emotions.

A love story before anything else, music is at the heart of the relationship uniting multi-instrumentalist Rafael Van Mulders and singer Sarah de Saint-Hubert. Born on the aftermath of a guitar lesson, the romance between the pair has extended into songs, interwoven at the junction of their complementary artforms.

A graduate from the Royal Antwerp Fashion Academy and former Ann Demeulemeester assistant, designer Sarah de Saint-Hubert made an incursion behind the scenes of the French, Italian and Belgian high fashion before launching her own label in 2019. Meanwhile, guitar maker Rafael Van Mulders has been imagining sounds and building up atypical instruments in his Brussels-based atelier under the JUG INSTRUMENTS label.

Tailor-made to merge with the soul and spirit of the SARAH DE SAINT HUBERT house’s collections, the music created by Her Wild Love started as the soundtrack to the brand’s videos. One thing leading to another, the Brussels band is now breaking free from the fashion world by joining Belgian label EXAG’ RECORDS (Tamar Aphek, Slift, La Jungle).

Rock, here, is a matter of the heart, as it is for the Limiñanas. Summoning the delights of new wave, remnants of psych-rock and references to the icons of the sixties, Her Wild Love keeps the passion alive without restraining its appetite for risk. Always intuitive, the duo fine-tunes its identity and singular style, finding its own balance between Sarah’s words and Rafael’s arrangements. Permeated by cinematic atmospheres and whiffs of melancholy, their music conjures up the black magic of Mazzy Star, the incantations of PJ Harvey and the audacity of Warpaint.

With this step forward, the duo’s high fashion tunes should find their way through new means of distribution. In the meantime, SARAH DE SAINT HUBERT’s latest campaign, Feu Sacré, unveils the b(r)and’s assets via a stylish francophile soundtrack. Sung in English or French, the songs of Her Wild Love provide the extra soul, authenticity and impertinence that makes all the difference.