Her Wild Love is a Brussels Intimate // Lo-fi rock duo formed by the fashion designer Sarah de Saint Hubert and by the multi-instrumentalist and guitar maker Rafael Van Mulders (@juginstruments)

Since 2006, they share their wild love for music, passionately seeking to give a sound to their distinctive sensitivities.
Their music is like a catalyser, fueling and empowering all their passions, intuitions and visions.


In October 2020, their second collection soundtrack  ‘Keep Chins Up’ was released on all digital streaming platforms.
This track was recorded at their home, featuring their friends Nomusa Ndebele (choir, backing vocals) and Pascal N Paulus (Jug Instruments’s slide guitar)  - Mixed & Mastered by Nicolas Lefèvre  @Sunny Side Inc. Studio.
Their first collection soundtrack, ‘New Beginnings’ was released on all digital streaming platforms in May 2020.
In October 2021, the duo starts its collaboration with the belgian music label EXAG' records and their fourth collection soundtrack "Feu Sacré" is released on all digital streaming platforms.