'Combining Attitude with Elegance, Day & Night

Make it your own, You are free!'

- Sarah de Saint Hubert


The Brand

Meet The Brand

Meet the brand

An eponymous brand that values the humanity, the craft and the creative work of Sarah de Saint Hubert. A timeless and uncompromised style driven by a strong philosophy:

Wilderness & Freedom

Refinement & Feminity

Authenticity & Intuition

Creativity & Savoir-Faire

Respect & Humanity

Slow & Sustainable rythm 

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Love, Music, etc...

Love, Music, etc..

'I wish to let my creative passions, fashion & music, freely co-exist, because they continuously feed and inspire one another, and because it feels right, here and now.'

Designer Sarah de Saint Hubert has the strong belief of the magic entanglement of fashion and music because it settles a unique and distinctive approach to fashion

Together with her boyfriend, Rafael Van Mulders, multi-instrumentalist and Guitar maker (@juginstruments), they perform under the name of 'Her Wild Love' and create music that captures the essence and soul of each collection.

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