A timeless and uncompromised style driven by a strong philosophy:
Love and Passion as the essence of life, the ultimate existential value.

The ambition of a life lived while following one’s own instincts and intuition to make the best of it
An invitation to women, empowering them in following their wild love…
The love of beauty as much as imperfections and accidents
The love of life as a pulsion of desire that goes beyond reason
A wild yet soft desire that inspires freedom and indulgence

A daring and fragile woman embodied through strong tailoring
An eponymous brand that values the humanity, the craft and the creative process
A black and white universe that established the genetics of the brand
Noble fabrics, Noble hands, Noble eyes
An original mix of a rock attitude and spirit in a pure, muted space

The strong belief of the magic entanglements of fashion and music because it settles a unique & distinctive approach to fashion

Wilderness & Freedom
Refinement & Feminity
Authenticity & Intuition
Creativity & Savoir-Faire
Respect & Humanity
Slow & Sustainable rythm


'New Beginnings' is a collection, a vidéo and a song, they are One.

It’s all about hopes.
It’s about the urge to unite.
It’s about a need to value and explore what’s already there, around me and in me.
It’s about a universal feeling that connects us all.
It’s about being part of humanity rather than being a woman or a man.
Ultimately, it’s about believing we are brave, resilient, creative and responsible
enough to build up something beautiful on what’s been broken.
In these uncertain times, more than ever, I wish to let my creative passions, fashion & music, freely co-exist, because they continuously feed and inspire one another, and because it feels right, here and now.
This is the new SDSH blend, and I am so elated to share it with you!

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‘New Beginnings’ by Her Wild Love

Unchaining the uncertain
No concessions, no endings
Only new beginnings
Only new beginnings
Infinity, infinite beauty
Landing in unexplored territories
The experience of getting lost
Getting lost  READ MORE

Sarah de Saint Hubert

To Sarah de Saint Hubert, fashion has always revolved around stories and souls. She defines garments as a medium, not as a purpose.

Her own story lead her into founding her eponymous label.

Knowledge, confidence and passion outlined the DNA, drawing its strengths and inspiration from her personal heritage and emotions.

Graduating from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp in 2002, Sarah landed her first internship in Paris working for Givenchy’s Haute Couture collections.

From there on she continued to Italy where she expanded her horizon working for Alberta Ferretti. After these international experiences Sarah decided to join Belgian designer Ann Demeulemeester.

After four years of working as an assistant for Ann Demeulemeester Sarah decided to take a break from fashion.

She met her boyfriend, Rafael Van Mulders, multi-instrumentalist and Guitar maker. Two soulmates had found each other, and beyond reason and control, they were getting ‘married’ in the name of what one calls a true need of expression.

When coming back to fashion, Sarah went to work as an assistant at A.F. Vandevorst.

There, the dream for her own label grew even more, and in July 2017 she decided it was now or never. She took a leap of faith and launched her eponymous brand, SARAH DE SAINT HUBERT.

Sarah De Saint Hubert’s collections encapsulate her Belgian and French heritage, the marriage between sport and couture, the juxtaposition of rock’n’roll and feminity. All ethically made in Portugal.